We Provide cloud support and service for our dedicated products. Real time process and progress monitoring is made possible with our ECO-Cloud service. Information is made available at the tip of your figures. All our products come equip with cloud access and surveillance.


ABC TECH offers a vast scope of opportunities to its customers. The clients are promoted to join together in an active circle of networking, which caters their need to find the right ally in accordance to their project. Our common goal here is to put high-tech developments into practice for long term profitability.


ABC TECH values partnerships and networks, we are always looking for ways to boost them. Wide range of opportunities are available for collaboration for all the concerned companies regardless of their size, be it small, medium-sized or large. From offering aid in overcoming obstacles during the research phase to offering long-term R&D partnerships.

Progress & Growth

When working with ABC TECH, you can deal with ventures in the areas concerned with smart systems and technology. Technological advancement and commercial application is always the focal point here. If you have the same aspirations and are inclined to fuel new projects, we look forward to hearing from you soon.


Abbas Qazalbash (Late)


"With more than 20 years of technical leadership experience, laid the foundation for ABC Technologies’ services and products.The guiding principles and values which he believed in are reflected in the overall morale of the company.He was one of the key role players responsible for the growth of company".

Afshan Abbas

Chief Executive Officer

"Afshan is in-charge of growth and innovative market categories at ABC Technologies including all marketing, management and social media. A natural entrepreneur with over 12 years of management experience".