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Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S) is a toxic and corrosive gas that presents a major challenge in petroleum refining, waste water treatment and in many bio-mass fermentation processes. Proper disposal of unsought H2S is a grave concern posing to such industries. Typical disposal methods in refineries include destroying by burning, producing Sulphur as by-product which causes corrosion and fouling of equipment. While in fermentation processes an average bio-gas composition contains 1-5 % H2S which eventually corrodes boiler and other equipment. ABC Tech has revolutionized the Technology to extract Hydrogen gas and Sulphur from H2S gas or bio-gas containing H2S. Sulphy-Pro allows for near 100% recovery of Hydrogen, which is a relatively high cost item in industry. While Sulphur is recovered as elemental solid or powdered form, suitable for sale or usage.

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