About us

ABC Technologies is an ISO Certified Company in Quality, Health, Safety & Environment.

Success Factors

A collaborative team of engineers, researchers, technicians and the supporting staff working diligently in regulating their tasks and every individual contributes fully in utilizing their skills to the optimum level. It is this collective union of a strong team which enables our company to mount the heights of success.


The business associates dealing with ABC TECH are highly empowered to regenerate their innovation and to foster their growth in the technical market by putting forward new ideas and developing them into smart concepts. International collaboration, networking with research centers and close cooperation with industrial partners enables efficient experimental and applied research in the area of smart systems.


Through the medium of R&D services, ABC TECH will evolve into an internationally acclaimed research and development center for smart systems, with a vision to enhance and enlarge the advancements in the research and industrial segments, particularly in energy utilization and smart automation.

Corporate Identity

ABC TECH exercises on research and development skills, focuses on adopting an advanced, collaborative view for industrial applications. Also, it operates extensively in devising smart solutions for complex issues.