Success Factors

A collaborative team of engineers, researchers, technicians and the supporting staff working diligently in regulating their tasks and every individual contributes fully in utilizing their skills to the optimum level. It is this collective union of a strong team which enables our company to mount the heights of success.


The business associates dealing with ABC TECH are highly empowered to regenerate their innovation and to foster their growth in the technical market by putting forward new ideas and developing them into smart concepts. International collaboration, networking with research centers and close cooperation with industrial partners enables efficient experimental and applied research in the area of smart systems.


Through the medium of R&D services, ABC TECH will evolve into an internationally acclaimed research and development center for smart systems, with a vision to enhance and enlarge the advancements in the research and industrial segments, particularly in energy utilization and smart automation.

Corporate Identity

ABC TECH exercises on research and development skills, focuses on adopting an advanced, collaborative view for industrial applications. Also, it operates extensively in devising smart solutions for complex issues.

Our Products


Cooling Towers can be found in almost all industrial sectors. All operate on the principle of removing heat from water

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Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S) is a toxic and corrosive gas that presents a major challenge in petroleum refining, waste water treatment

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The issue of industrial pollution has taken on grave importance for environmental protection. Untreated discharge of effluent

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Bio gas is a valuable and cost effective by-product of industrial and municipal waste treatment. Most facilities

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Our Services

Research & Development

ABC TECH accommodates customer-targeted R&D services concerned with Smart systems and allows the companies to make use of contemporary innovations without financial and chronological strains. Activities concerning the area of research and development are steered towards cooperative technological innovations for industrial implementations in the field of smart systems.

Computer Graphics & Animation

The company cultivates business function based on a blend of creativity and technology owing to consistent research activity, in order to familiarize and educate the audience and our customers. This gives us a command in the area of audiovisual products, audio production, digital visual effects, virtual reconstructions, graphic animations and Interfaces of software/mobile applications for the Clients and for our own concerns. This is a convergence of art and science intended to broaden the perimeter of our R&D and the requisites of our protégée.

Software Development

ABC TECH values industrial partners – regardless of the size of the companies, on a regional, national or international standard. Our target is to provide quality software solution pertaining to your precise requirements. At first, we initiated this in rapport of our R&D work but bit by bit, it became our backbone. Now, we are focused on developing web solutions, Mobile applications, Desktop applications and Distributed applications for our local and international clients and affiliates.

Our Partners

Solution Labs

Solutions Labs is based in Massachusetts, USA and has a history of developing cutting edge technology and executing projects for major research organizations. The focus of the company today is to build out the equipment that uses Breakthrough Technologies’ patents through manufacturing partners and to license technology to leading equipment suppliers to the targeted industries.


With over 25 years’ experience in manufacturing precision ultrasonic cleaning systems, Ultrawave is one of the largest manufacturers of ultrasonic cleaners in the UK. All of our ultrasonic cleaners are designed and manufactured by our team of designers, engineers and technicians at our headquarters in Cardiff, South Wales. By ensuring we have complete control of all our processes, we have the flexibility to meet individual customer requirements and provide cleaning solutions to many different markets and applications.


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